How to Choose the Best Logistics Companies in Delhi NCR.

Logistics and Warehousing Service Providers in India.
Logistics and Warehousing Service Providers in India.

There are several factors you want to take into consideration. By choosing a logistics companies in Delhi NCR, you effectively trust a third-party company with your supply-chain.

Here are some key factors:

Experience: Does the company have experience in transporting what you have? For instance, you do not want to give your load that needs to be delivered locally to someone specialized in long-distance shipping.
Look for someone who is specialized in the type of goods you want to ship.

Creditworthiness: In most, if not all cases, the broker is the one that will be in charge of billing and collecting your money,  while the shipping company will invoice the broker. This way, the broker becomes the middle-man. You want to make sure that your broker has a good credit history and that he does not have the habit of “running with the money”.

If you do not trust the credit history of your broker, you can always write a joint check. In that situation,
both the broker and the carrier would need to endorse the check to deposit it and you will make sure that
nobody runs with the money.

IT / Use of technology: Do you want to be able to follow your freight with tracking numbers? Small and medium companies might not have invested yet in that technology but several large companies will let you follow your freight through tracking numbers.

Convenience: Convenience is a fantastic reason to choose logistics service provider. Are they where you need them to be, location wise? Have they got the necessary vehicles for the demands of the job? Do they have effective warehousing space for your needs?  Are they modern and efficient warehouses? Being ‘right for you’ should form a huge part of this business deal.

Reliability: This is one that we at Masters deem most important. Is your Logistics company reliable? Will they let you down? Is getting the job done hugely important to their company? A reliable company is a trustworthy company that values a mutually beneficial working relationship.

Your logistics service provider should want to understand your challenges and care about your reputation, not just their own. Ask them about their success rate.

We hope that we have helped to highlight some of the key areas of working with logistics companies.
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