Why Do Indian Manufacturers need to focus on Smart Supply Chain management & Logistics Solutions.

Logistics & Supply chain is the backbone of the manufacturing sector. The presence of a smartly strategized supply chain management system and an efficient network of advanced logistics infrastructures, not only facilitate smooth and seamless transportation of products and goods, i.e from the point of manufacturing to that of the consumption, but also accelerate economic prosperity. It increases the level of exports and import, generate millions of employment and give your organization a significant place in the global supply chain matrix.

While a systematically organized supply chain can serve as a competitive tool, increase your operational efficiency, and boost your market share revenue, a smartly coordinated network of logistic infrastructure can help you to meet your customer’s requirements, just in due time. And perhaps that is why, manufacturers backed by an efficient supply chain management and improved logistic facilities, automatically enjoys an extra edge over their competitors.

But managing the gigantic network of supply chains is not a five-finger exercise.  It is a time -consuming process which demands huge investment and as well as a large fleet of skilled industry experts who are well trained to execute and maintain such a seamless supply and delivery process. However, for a manufacturing industry, it would be quite economical to be a part of a third party logistics service providers, rather than creating their own supply chain & logistics management facilities.

Below I have explained a few points which will help you to comprehend the very fact that why Indian manufacturers need to put the highest degree of focus and attention in smart supply chain & logistics solutions.

Few Statistical Validations:

According to the recent economic survey of 2017-18, logistics and supply chain in India, alone, is providing more than 22 million plus jobs and the further advancement of these sectors can guide to a 10% fall in the indirect-logistics-costs which in return would lead to 5-8% of average annual growth in exports.

In addition to this, the economic survey of 2017-18 also estimates that the net value of Indian logistics market would jump to the US $ 215 billion within the next two fiscal years as compared to the present market worth of US$ 160 billion.

But in a country like India, where most of its manufacturing companies do not possess a sound supply chain management strategy and adequate logistic infrastructures, it would be quite wise for them to get aligned with the best supply chain management companies in India, just to ensure robust industrial production, fast product delivery and above all an elevated corporate image.

Comply with Evolving Market Dynamics:

The rapidly growing competition in today’s globalized market, the inception of millions of commodities with short life cycles and the overwhelming expectations of consumers have forced manufacturing enterprises, from all over the country, to invest a greater amount of focus and attention on the existing conditions of their supply chain system.

So if you are into manufacturing and want to continuously sustain in a globalized competitive environment for a long period of time, then you must adopt the best logistic services as soon as possible.

Create Visibility & Avoiding Disruptions:

Transportation and logistics management plays an essential role in creating an absolute visibility into your supply chain system. Here, at RCPL, we are backed by a computer controlled online transportation management system (TMS) that can logically analyze your past-transportation data and track the real-time movements of packaged products and goods, in and out of your business. Later, our logistics managers can reuse this logically analyzed data to optimize your entire supply chain process and to avoid possible disruptions.

Driving Higher Customer Satisfaction:

As the markets are growing at an exponential rate, so do your customer’s expectations. Your clients will always expect you to deliver a fast, time-bound and effortless product delivery services.

Such sort of formidable and exigent mandates further initiates a ripple effect in your existing supply chain activities, creating an urge to deliver an instantaneous and accurate supply chain solution.   

So, in order to sustain in today’s highly competitive market, you have to endorse for an effective supply chain management policy which should be capable enough to meet the needs of your consumers and clients within the ambit of a stipulated time.

Join hands with the RCPl, one of the most rated logistics companies in Delhi. Here, we are providing a wide spectrum of cargo & logistics services which can not only maximize your supply chain performance but would also help you to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Maximizing your corporate Revenue

A smart supply chain and logistics management can increase your corporate revenue. By adopting a market-oriented supply chain services, you will be able to establish a positive brand-image in front of your clients. This in return, would help you to create a substantial amount of goodwill in your respective market.

Get aligned with RCPL, one of the best logistics companies in Delhi. With our advanced transportation and supply chain system, you will be able to track, monitor, & report the respective location of your cargoes and containers. Thus making the process more safe, secure and efficient.

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