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Top 5 Challenges Logistic Managers Face Every Day.

The advent of neo-liberal economic reforms and globalized market policies played a crucial role in spreading the Indian trade and commerce beyond the narrow limits of domestic, national and as well as the international boundaries which in turn, has led us to an exponentially growing market with an enormous set of business potential and larger corporate reach.


Now, as the market started to expand its reach and businesses began to flourish in a more prosperous way, almost all sorts of corporate enterprises, especially manufacturers, retailer and SME sectors, felt an immediate urge to create a smart and efficient supply chain management system which can not only be capable of meeting the needs and demands of their consumers in a timely and cost-effective manner but would also be able to encounter the modern day hurdles before their entire logistic and supply chain process.

But doing so is not a five-finger exercise. Since the market dynamics are changing at a rapid pace and the consumer behavior is no longer a static affair but in fact a subject of a regular transformation, Logistic companies from all over the world are regularly facing several new technical, economic, operational and as well as managerial challenges, related to their existing logistic and supply chain management process. Bellow we have discussed the top five corporate hurdles that almost all of the modern day logistic managers are facing on an everyday basis.

Customer Services:

Supply chain & Logistic management are all about delivering the right product in the desired quantity, to the right destination at right time. So to be a quintessential logistic service provider, you must need to improve your customer services to the highest extent.

Consumer Behaviour:

What your consumers want would certainly define the course of your progress. And in this day and age, with more than 64% of consumers unwilling to pay an extra penny for less than two days of shipping, it has become an essential factor for all logistic managers to invest the highest degree of focus in reading and analyzing the patterns continuously transforming consumer behavior.

Transportation Cost:

The price rise has always been a real concern for most of the transportation companies in this country. Logistic and transportation sectors are completely dependent on their fast forward supply chain management and that is why often face serious economic blows, especially due to the volatile price hike of oil and natural gases.

Planning & Risk Management:

In order to stay ahead of your business opponents and to attain a sustainable growth, it is imperative for modern-day cargo & logistic companies to regularly conduct some periodic assessments of the market.

Amid the presence of stringent trade rules, complex interstate commercial policies, multilayered taxation system and drastically transforming market paradigm, it has become mandatory for each and every logistics and cargo service providers to strategize several alternative business remedies in advance so that they can be put to in place to establish a balance with the unprecedented market reforms.

In short, logistic & supply chain managers must design a futuristic and market-oriented risk management plan which can identify, quantify and control the probable market challenges in a cost-effective manner.

Government rules and Environmental Regulations:

Almost all kinds of cargo and logistics carriers, whether it operates through air and surface or by water, do face a tremendous amount of restrictions and resistance imposed by local, state, federal and international authorities.

Apart from that, getting an absolute compliance with the rules and regulation related to environmental issues such as anti-idling, emission reduction norms, and NGT recommendations has also become the matters of serious concern and may cost you more than your benefits.


The landscape for the cargo and logistics sector is changing at a rapid pace. Getting updated with unpredictable market challenges will help modern-day logistic management companies to take necessary and preemptive actions which would be adequate to neutralize the volatile market challenges.

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