Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe on Road.

Winter has always been tough for drivers. It poses several Weatherall challenges which make driving slow and much more risky. In fact, driving in winter seasons is one another hazardous and life-threatening task, especially when roads are covered with ice and the driving visibility is almost zero due to excessive fog & smog. And for the logistics service providers, such a harsh winter can lead to potential business losses. Here are a few valuable tips for staying safe and driving efficiently during the coldest times of the year.

Top Three Winter Driving Tips:

Make a Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection:

A pre-trip inspection of vehicles is the first and most necessary task that you have to accomplish before you start your journey. It’s become more essential when the weather is quite bad or almost like freezing! As a responsible transportation and logistics company, you must go through a detailed pre-inspection of your vehicle, so that it does not get a collapse in the middle of nowhere.

Some of the primary pre-trip inspections for winter driving are listed as follows:

  • Make sure your engine health is quite good and the heater or defrosters are functioning as well.
  • The visibility level of your heads lights and tail-lights should as sharp as possible. They should not be covered with ice and show.
  • Fill up your tank in its fullest. But always try to keep your fuel tank at least half full while driving on the road.
  • This will help you to minimize the condensation issue and allows you to utilize the heat during intervals, if in case you are stuck at somewhere or stranded.
  • Remember, Tire treads and pressure should be retained where they needed to be.

Keep Tracking Weather & Road Conditions!

  • Use Android apps to analyses advance weather forecasting and upcoming road conditions.
  • Do not forget to listen to local and national radio channels. They are the greatest source for ground updates.
  • Make sure your smartphone is fully charged and never forget to carry a multi-medium charger. This will help you in the emergency situation or in delay.
  • Modern-day supply chain solution providers also recommend installing GPS tracking devices in transportation and logistics vehicles.


Use of Anti-Gel Fuel Treatment:

Because of the presence of wax compounds in diesel, it becomes solid and condensed when it gets cold. Anti-Gel Fuel Treatment helps to stop the condensation and solidification of a liquid fuel like diesel and because of this, it is the most necessary requirement that your drivers must carry while driving through cold geographical locations.

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