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The Impact of GST on the Logistic Companies.

  Indian Logistics sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.6 percent between 2015 and 2020 which is a sharp decline from the previous growth rate of CAGR of 9.7 percent during 2010-2015. In fact, the present condition of Indian logistics sectors is if not miserable than of course not good as well. Most of the Logistics and supply chain industries are suffering from heavy financial losses. This entire industrial domain is fragmented and underdeveloped. Logistics costs are extensively high, especially due to poor infrastructure, lack of physical communications; rising fuel prices, higher dwell time at ports; degraded …

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Challenges for The Supply Chain Management In India.

Supply chain and logistics management play a pivotal role in the overall growth of a nation’s economy. It’s like the Oxygen without of which no industry can run even for a short span of time.  But here, in India, the condition of national supply chain and logistics is abysmal and still scratching the surface itself.  In this blog, we are going to take a look on the factors that are responsible for the slow growth of supply chain and logistics system in this country. “The average supply chain cost in the U.S is almost 8.5 % of its entire GDP. …

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Supply chain solutions

Top 5 Challenges Logistic Managers Face Every Day.

The advent of neo-liberal economic reforms and globalized market policies played a crucial role in spreading the Indian trade and commerce beyond the narrow limits of domestic, national and as well as the international boundaries which in turn, has led us to an exponentially growing market with an enormous set of business potential and larger corporate reach.   Now, as the market started to expand its reach and businesses began to flourish in a more prosperous way, almost all sorts of corporate enterprises, especially manufacturers, retailer and SME sectors, felt an immediate urge to create a smart and efficient supply …

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Why Do Indian Manufacturers need to focus on Smart Supply Chain management & Logistics Solutions.

Logistics & Supply chain is the backbone of the manufacturing sector. The presence of a smartly strategized supply chain management system and an efficient network of advanced logistics infrastructures, not only facilitate smooth and seamless transportation of products and goods, i.e from the point of manufacturing to that of the consumption, but also accelerate economic prosperity. It increases the level of exports and import, generate millions of employment and give your organization a significant place in the global supply chain matrix. While a systematically organized supply chain can serve as a competitive tool, increase your operational efficiency, and boost your …

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How to Choose the Best Logistics Companies in Delhi NCR.

There are several factors you want to take into consideration. By choosing a logistics companies in Delhi NCR, you effectively trust a third-party company with your supply-chain. Here are some key factors: Experience: Does the company have experience in transporting what you have? For instance, you do not want to give your load that needs to be delivered locally to someone specialized in long-distance shipping. Look for someone who is specialized in the type of goods you want to ship. Creditworthiness: In most, if not all cases, the broker is the one that will be in charge of billing and collecting …

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